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Although we don’t take sperm donations or currently host a sperm bank, we help you obtain the sperm you want through an outside commercial agency and perform the procedure here at our facility. Whether you are a single woman hoping to reach your goal of pregnancy or a couple who is struggling with male infertility, we offer the option of becoming pregnant through donor sperm. We also offer the option of using a known sperm donor, in which his sample collection and testing will be done at our facilities along with the treatment procedure. Here at the Center for Reproductive Health, we have a great success with using donor sperm as a form of third party reproduction.

Artificial insemination refers to the introduction of semen into the vagina, uterus, or oviduct by a means other than sexual intercourse. When the procedure is performed using sperm from a man other than the patient's partner, it is termed therapeutic donor insemination (TDI).

Therapeutic donor insemination (TDI) has been in use longer than any other artificial reproductive technique for treatment for male infertility. In 1987, over 170,000 women in the United States were treated for infertility using donor insemination, and in 1990, it was estimated that TDI produced 11,400 to 23,400 pregnancies annually.


Historically, TDI was primarily a treatment of male factor infertility. However, the indications for TDI have expanded such that it has become an alternative approach to fertility for some women.

The procedure can be considered in:

  • ­1. Couples in whom one or both partners are carriers of a heritable disease.

  • ­2. Couples who are serodiscordant for sexually transmissible viral infections.

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