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Here at the Center for Reproductive Health, we understand that becoming pregnant with an infertility diagnosis can be a troubling process. We are here to help you in any way. If you have been unsuccessful in treatment programs at other centers, we encourage you to consult with Dr. Vasquez and the staff at the Center for Reproductive Health.

We will review your history with infertility treatments and determine the best option for you and how we can help you reach your goal.

We have helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of parenthood. Nearly half of our patients travel to Nashville from other states for treatment. Many of our patients have undergone unsuccessful cycles elsewhere.

Our physician will review your medical records and may request additional testing before making final recommendations for your care.

CRH routinely incorporates innovative procedures in its treatment plans for the more “complicated” patient including:

  • Specialized medication schedules for ovarian stimulation of women over 39, those with mild elevations in FSH, and patients who have previously stimulated poorly with fertility drugs. Our program uses micro-doses of Lupron, Growth Hormone, and Gonadotropins in patients who have poor egg quality.

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection for patients with male factor infertility or those who previously had low rates or fertilization failure.

  • Assisted Zona Hatching of the embryos to increase the chance of implantation in the uterine cavity.

  • Donor egg, Donors may be a family member or friend of the woman desiring a pregnancy or an anonymous young woman.

  • Host or gestational carrier IVF, when the woman desiring children has a uterine abnormality which prevents her from successfully achieving a pregnancy through placement of the embryos inside her own uterus.

The pain that you´ve been feeling, can`t compare to the joy that`s coming.

Romans 8:18

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