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Personalized IVF: Your Path to Parenthood

At our fertility center in Nashville, we specialize in turning dreams of parenthood into reality through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The IVF process begins with ovarian stimulation, where the patient's ovaries are stimulated to develop multiple follicles. The eggs within these follicles mature, are retrieved, and are then fertilized with sperm in our state-of-the-art Nashville IVF clinic laboratory.

Following this, the fertilized embryos are nurtured under our carefully regulated laboratory conditions until they reach the optimum stage for transfer back into the woman's uterus. At this time, the embryos are meticulously evaluated under a microscope, and the highest quality embryo is gently transferred to the uterus.

Any remaining viable embryos from your IVF process may be frozen for potential future use, providing a convenient and cost-effective option for growing your family in the future without incurring the entire cost of IVF again.

In Vitro Fertilization at our Nashville Fertility Clinic offers immense flexibility. The eggs and sperm used in the IVF process can come from either the intended parents or egg donors. Additionally, the embryos can be transferred to the uterus of the intended parent or a gestational carrier, who carries the pregnancy on behalf of the parent(s) when necessary.

We provide comprehensive IVF options that include the use of fresh or frozen embryos. This approach enables us to successfully help a broad range of people build their families, including women without a male partner, men without a female partner, and same-sex couples. We are an LGBTQ friendly fertility clinic and believe everyone deserves the chance to create a family.

Further enhancing the IVF process, our Nashville IVF clinic provides the option of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This test reduces the risk of having children with genetic diseases. In addition, we offer PGT-A, a testing procedure that identifies an embryo's abnormalities in the chromosomes' number and position. In this way, we strive to deliver the best possible IVF outcomes for your journey to parenthood.

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