When carrying a pregnancy is impossible or risky

Gestational Surrogacy for Fertility Solutions

Gestational carrier cycles are ideal for women with contraindications to pregnancy, women born without a uterus or have an abnormal uterus, and for women who have had either high risk pregnancies or recurrent pregnancy loss.

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Gestational Surrogacy

Choosing the Right Carrier

If you are undergoing a fertility cycle consisting of IVF with a gestational carrier, we will coordinate both your cycle and your gestational carrier’s cycle.

Both you and your gestational carrier will be screened for health maintenance, infectious diseases, and have a psychological assessment with an opportunity to receive counseling.

We will refer you to a lawyer who has expertise in reproductive law so that a contract can be obtained between the intended parents and the gestational carrier.

The gestational carrier will also have a hydrosonogram to evaluate her uterus and make sure there are no uterine causes of diminished uterine receptivity and/or implantation.

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The Process

We will synchronize the uterine receptivity of the gestational carrier’s uterus to the egg maturity in order to maximize the chance of pregnancy. The intended parent or egg donor will take birth control pills, followed by leuprolide and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) injections. The gestational carriers will take birth control pills, followed by leuprolide and estrogen and progesterone supplementation. With standard IVF techniques, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized with the sperm from the recipient couple. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, microscopes, incubators, airflow hoods, and room filters to ensure the highest quality outcomes. Three to five days after the egg retrieval following evaluation of the quality of the developing embryos, the embryo(s) are transferred into the gestational carrier with a catheter under ultrasound guidance with the goal of having successful implantation and a healthy baby.

Hear from one of our patients who chose to have a baby through a gestational carrier. Throughout the videos she explains how she found her surrogate, gives advice to others going through the process, and expresses her happiness with the CRH.

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