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Optimal Treatments for same-sex families

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The Center for Reproductive Health is dedicated to assisting gay male couples in their path to creating their own biological children. Couples will need an egg donor and a surrogate, who will carry the pregnancy. Sperm can be used from either one or both of the partners in the insemination process.

In both cases, an initial semen sample will be collected at our facility to undergo testing and analysis.

The treatment options for gay male couples at the Center for Reproductive Health include: 

Optimal Treatments for same-sex families


In Vitro Fertilization using donor eggs

  • The donor’s eggs will be retrieved from her ovaries during a retrieval surgery, and will then be fertilized by one or both of the partner’s sperm in a fluid medium. After the embryo has formed, it will then be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus for a successful pregnancy.
  • The process above can also be done using a donor sperm instead of the partner’s sperm.

Your First Step

Becoming a parent to a biological child's first step is to make an appointment with The Center for Reproductive Health and visit our office for a consultation.

All couples will have a preliminary meeting with Dr. Vasquez, to discuss their health and previous fertility history, possible treatment, the likelihood of conception, and financial options.

We are excited to help you achieve your desire to have a biological baby!

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