Personal Egg Banking

Personal Egg Banking

(Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation)

Not quite ready to start a family?

Give yourself time, preserve your fertility by saving your eggs with Personal Egg Banking.

That’s why CRH is pleased to offer Personal Egg Banking (also known as Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation, or fertility preservation) as a proactive means for women to preserve their future fertility. This is accomplished by giving women the option of cryopreserving, or freezing, their eggs until they are ready to use them. So, a woman could potentially freeze her eggs at age 32 and choose to use them several years later to achieve pregnancy.

Personal Egg Banking is made possible through the use of a new freezing method known as vitrification. This technique used at CRH is a tremendous breakthrough. Based on our own success with egg freezing and subsequent deliveries of healthy babies, as well as reports from around the world, we are confident Personal Egg Banking will improve your chances of conception with your own eggs at a more advanced reproductive age.

The Science behind Personal Egg Banking.

How does egg freezing work?

Until recently, egg freezing was an experimental procedure with limited success in only a few select programs around the world. However, the use of a specific type of freezing called vitrification, has led to a dramatic improvement in oocyte survival, fertilization rates, and pregnancy rates. Most importantly, these successes are being reported by many different centers worldwide.

Based on the reports of approximately 1,000 births worldwide through egg freezing, CRH will offer Personal Egg Banking to women as a means of improving their chances of conception if they plan to delay childbearing. The experience so far with frozen eggs predicts that a patient in her 40s would significantly improve her chances of a successful pregnancy if she were able to use eggs that were frozen at a younger age (e.g. 30s).

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